Which States Consume the Most Water?

Water usage around country

Water seems like a limitless resource because it is so readily available. We can fill pools, run bathtubs, take long showers, and turn taps on and off all day long. Just because water appears to flow freely from our taps and faucets doesn’t mean that there is an unending supply of it.

Do Energy Efficient Appliances Cost More?

Cost Savings on Energy Star Certified Appliances

When you walk into a large home improvement store you will see dozens of models of appliances lined up. As you browse among the choices, you may think that energy efficient products are prohibitively expensive to purchase. But a price tag on the front of an appliance at a home improvement store doesn’t always tell the whole story about cost. Knowing a few key facts can help you decide the true cost of a conventional appliance compared to an energy efficient model.

Are You Flushing Money Down The Toilet? Reduce Your Water Bill


Water infrastructure all over the country is aging, forcing utilities to invest in improvement projects, which means water rates are going up all over. That’s especially true in Colorado, where growing populations are competing for an ever scarcer supply of fresh water.

Six Great DIY Home Weatherization Tips

It’s the end of summer and the air is still warm. It may be hard to think about the incoming winter weather when Colorado residents can still go hiking in a pair of shorts and a T-shirt, but now is the time to start weatherizing your home. Putting in the time for energy-efficient weatherization improvements now can save your family time and money once the cold weather begins. Here are six great tips for home weatherization improvements you can make on your own that won’t break the bank.

Shocking Energy Conservation Stats

Energy conservation is a hot topic these days. There are environmental and monetary benefits to using less energy. Having an energy-efficient home can make a huge difference for Colorado consumers. Here are some amazing statistics that will shine a light on energy conservation and savings.

Change The World

Remember how you felt in elementary school when you first learned about civil rights, global warming or genocide in Rwanda and you launched a full-blown campaign on all fronts of your life – at home, on the playground and on the phone with your grandparents?

You knew then that you could make a difference. You were just a little kid, but you were going to change the world.

Somehow, as we get older and bigger, the world is the only thing that seems to grow larger instead of smaller and its vastness makes us forget that we have the power to change it.

Warning Signs Your Water Heater Might Fail


Energy efficiency is a hot Colorado topic these days. A lot of consumers are looking at their wallets and hoping that energy-efficient home practices and appliances will save them money. A Colorado home energy audit can help families understand their energy usage and identify ways to save.

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