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ERC is committed to ensuring that every dollar we receive is wisely spent. Thank you for supporting our work.

Your tax-deductible gift to Energy Resource Center contributes directly to the health and financial security of families in your community across the 27 counties we serve in Colorado. A donation allows us and you to help communities through weatherization work while protecting our planet. Your generosity means the world to people who no longer have to worry about choosing between heating their homes and buying essentials like food or medicine.

Please make a one-time or monthly donation to ERC.

Carbon Cut Colorado is owned by Energy Resource Center. Carbon Cut is a tool that allows you to balance your carbon footprint. 100% of the donations made to ERC through the program go directly to funding free home energy efficiency projects for income-qualified households. The website offers calculators for determining the carbon impact and carbon cost of miles driven, electricity use, gas consumption, and airline flights. All donations help the environment and help low-income people receive free home energy efficiency upgrades.

Ways to Give


King Soopers Community Rewards
Every time you use your loyalty card at King Soopers, you can support ERC. Find more information or link your existing account here. (ERC number KY063).

Business Partnerships
Businesses large and small can make a significant impact on ERC operations. Cash gifts, program grants, and donations of in-kind products and services are very welcome. Click here or call 719-591-0772.

Workplace Giving

Workplace giving is a company-sponsored program that provides its employees with the opportunity to financially support nonprofit organizations through payroll contributions. If your employer supports workplace giving, signing up is an easy way to give small amounts over a long period, making it possible to donate more than you may be able to do in one lump sum.
In the Colorado Springs region, ERC has partnered with Pikes Peak United Way to facilitate workplace giving.

Donate a Vehicle

If you have a car, motorcycle, or boat that you no longer need, consider donating it to Energy Resource Center. Whether your vehicle runs or not, you can turn it into money for ERC. Our partnership with Vehicles for Charity makes the process easy for you. Simply visit or call 1-866-628-2277. They will arrange the pick-up of your vehicle, and sell it at auction, with most of the proceeds coming straight to Energy Resource Center. If the gross sale of your vehicle is more than $500, you may have to fill out IRS Form 8283, “Non-cash Charitable Contributions.” This can be found on the IRS website.

IRA Charitable Rollover

If you are 70 ½ or older, you have the option of giving up to $100,000 per year straight from your IRA to a qualified charity without having to pay income tax on the amount. The money you give also qualifies as part of your required minimum distribution.

Our partnership with Community First Foundation, located in Denver, makes the IRA rollover process simple and streamlined for both you and your IRA plan administrator. Please visit to learn more about IRA rollovers through Community First and their transparent, straightforward steps for completing the process.