About Us

Energy Resource Center is a nonprofit organization with offices in Alamosa, Colorado Springs, Denver, Loveland, and Sterling, Colorado. 

We provide energy efficiency upgrades to income-qualified residents over 26,134 square miles across 27 counties in Colorado. 

We are here to serve. 

Our services don’t just help families reduce energy usage, they make lives better! ERC’s energy assessments and energy efficiency upgrades protect families from risks associated with Colorado winters, such as exposure to dangerously low temperatures or carbon monoxide poisoning. These services also make homes more comfortable in the winter and summer months, cutting energy waste and reducing the energy burden for homes, creating a safe and healthy environment for Colorado residents

Income-qualified families spend anywhere from 17% to more than 50% of their income on household energy while other households spend 4% on average.
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of the homes in the U.S. today were built before 1970. These homes lack adequate insulation and have old appliances.
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Of Colorado residents of all ages and backgrounds are served.
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of clients are seniors.
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of the housing stock is considered in very poor condition.
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Approximate homes are completed each year from four offices.
ERC saves an average of 25% on utility bills for the homes and families served.
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Mission & HIstory

Our Mission

Energy Resource Center’s mission is to improve home energy efficiency, conserve energy, promote health, increase comfort and expand Coloradans’ quality of life.

Our Value

Our vision is to provide the opportunity for every Colorado household to maximize energy efficiency, eliminate hazards, and create a sustainable future.


Energy Resource Center (ERC) is a 501(c)3 and was founded in 1979 to support energy conservation in Colorado Springs in response to the global energy crisis. ERC’s first energy efficiency housing work began in the 1990s, supported by contracts from the U.S. Department of Energy’s Weatherization Assistance Program (WAP) and the State of Colorado. Today we are a nonprofit that provides free home energy efficiency upgrades to low-income qualifying households. 

Over the past decade, today’s ERC leadership has overseen an organizational expansion to five regional offices (Alamosa, Colorado Springs, Denver, Loveland, Sterling) serving 27 Colorado counties. We touch over 2,000 homes annually across Colorado.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Diversity, equity, and inclusion efforts have been part of Energy Resource Center’s journey since our beginning and are essential to successfully fulfilling our mission. We are committed to advancing diversity and equity in all aspects of our business and all of our partnerships. The goal is for everyone to access resources, opportunities, and the support they need to prosper regardless of their background or demographic profile. We are creating an inclusive culture of belonging where we all feel respected and free to contribute. We have much to learn and are striving to continuously improve.

Colorado Inclusive Economy: Energy Resource Center is part of a large group of Colorado organizations coming together to help build the state’s economy to work for all. Members of Colorado Inclusive Economy have made a long-term commitment to the movement, revamping how organizations recruit, hire, support, and advance employees of color, transforming culture to embrace and aggressively support inclusivity, and investing in education and workforce development to create a skilled and inclusive workforce for the future.

News & Updates

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The Denver Foundation

Energy Resource Center is pleased to announce we have received support for our Home Repairs Fund – Denver from The Denver Foundation’s Community Grants Program Fall 2021 and from the Climate Equity Fund, a donor-advised fund of The Denver Foundation.

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