With So Many Great Nonprofits, Why Should I Give to the ERC?

Consider giving to ERC

Consider giving to ERC The season of lights and holiday music, parties and gift giving is upon us! Tree lightings, yule log hunts, and pictures with Santa all happen over the next few weeks. It is also the season of goodwill, when we give to those who need a helping hand.

2015 Indy Give!

For the last six years, Indy Give! has encouraged the Colorado Springs community to donate during the season. Since 2009, Give! has helped raise over $5M for local nonprofits! The goal this year is $1.8 million dollars, and over $275K has been raised at the time of this writing. One thing that Give! strives to do is to galvanize people under 36 years old to become philanthropists in their community, showing them what a difference they can make.

Give! lends support to over 100 local organizations with funds donated from the community. The ERC, or Energy Resource Center, is one of these organizations.

With so many great nonprofits participating in this year’s Give! event, knowing why you should donate to ERC is important. ERC provides valuable resources to many in the community, and there are several reasons that your donation to ERC is a wise and much appreciated one.

The ERC helps Colorado families stay safe and warm

The ERC helps income-qualified families with resources to make their homes safer and more energy efficient. Auditors perform energy audits on homes and identify ways to improve energy efficiencies that can save families money on monthly utilities. Whether a home can benefit from more insulation, weatherization, or energy-efficient furnaces and appliances, ERC uncovers tangible places where improvements can be made.

Often, making even small recommended changes can help save money on utilities during the cold Colorado months. This frees up money that people can use to put into emergency savings, purchase groceries, or spend on other important bills.

Not only does the ERC work with residents to make sure their homes are warm enough, but they also work to ensure homes are safe. Often, when utility bills climb into the triple digits, people will try to warm their homes through less expensive and riskier means. ERC identifies risk that can put you and your family in danger. Carbon monoxide is a common risk, with over 20% of the homes inspected at risk for carbon monoxide buildup. ERC uncovers those dangers, educates homeowners on the potential risks, and looks for ways to ensure that people are safely warm in their homes.

ERC has been helping Colorado residents, including El Paso County residents, since 1979. More than 10,000 homes have received help from ERC since the year 2000, and 68,000 households are eligible. ERC provides a service that truly improves the quality of life for thousands of locals, from young families to senior citizens. Every donation provided to ERC, whether through Give! or any other time of the year, helps another family make their home warm, safe, and affordable!

Please learn more by visiting our page on the Give! website today.