What to Do If Your Heater Stops Working

Furnace fails to work

Furnace fails to workWhen your furnace quits working, the results can be catastrophic. Zipping up your sleeping bag and shivering is usually not the best solution. So, what do you do when your furnace quits working?

Call a professional

Furnaces rarely fail when the weather is relatively nice on a Wednesday. It always seems to happen when temperatures are sub zero on a Sunday. That means it’s urgent and you’ll probably have to pay extra to have someone come on a weekend. But a professional can tell you what’s wrong and can usually fix it on the spot.

If you can’t afford a professional

Contact the Energy Resource Center and we will connect you with resources that can help fast in an emergency situation.

In fact, the ERC can often dispatch someone who will make a free furnace repair for an income-qualified family. We help families in the San Luis Valley, the Pikes Peak Region and the Denver Metro area keep their homes safe and comfortable.

Why a functioning furnace is so important

If your furnace fails, your home could get so cold the water in your plumbing pipes freezes. That will make pipes expand. When the ice thaws, the pipes can break and cause flooding. That can make your home uninhabitable.

Why a broken-down furnace is dangerous

Beyond the risk of flooding and the extreme discomfort, a failing furnace could be releasing Carbon Monoxide into your home. This colorless, odorless gas can be deadly. More than 400 Americans die from unintentional Carbon Monoxide poisoning each year. If you have a dull headache or dizziness, call 911 and get medical attention.

Long-term solutions

If your furnace does conveniently break down at a time when you can afford to wait for a more permanent solution, the Energy Resource Center can help. The same is true if you make an emergency patch, but know the furnace will ultimately need more work or to be replaced.

We work with the state and local utility providers to offer steep discounts on new high-efficiency furnaces. Whether you own your home or you’re renting, contact the ERC about a failing furnace. We will help you find a solution that keeps you and your family safe and comfortable in your home.

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