Weatherization can help Colorado meet its ambitious emission goals

A new explainer from Westword goes in-depth on Colorado’s 2019 Greenhouse Gas Inventory, a comprehensive record of greenhouse gas emissions in the state. The report is sobering, as it reveals that, while emissions from power plants are slowly falling, emissions from all other sectors combined are rising or flat overall. This presents a challenge to policymakers, who have ambitious goals for emission reduction over the next 30 years. These goals are for a 26% cut by 2025, a 50% cut by 2030, and a 90% cut to emissions by 2050. The transportation sector is getting a lot of attention as it’s set to overtake energy production as the largest emitter. However, building fuel use – for heating and cooking – still makes up one-fifth of all greenhouse gas emissions in the state.

This is where Energy Resource Center can help. Our weatherization programs help income-qualified families save on their utility bills and cut energy waste. Families who have trouble paying their energy bills tend to live in the oldest, least-efficient housing stock with the most potential for energy waste. Our furnace and water heater replacements can take those appliances from 65% or less efficiency, to more than 90%. The work we do doesn’t just benefit the family and their home, it also benefits the public at large as each weatherized home represents an incremental benefit to the environment we share together.

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And for more information on the 2019 Greenhouse Gas Inventory, you can find Westword’s excellent explainer here.