Seven Activities to Keep Cool in Colorado Springs


keep-cool-summer-heat-ColoradoSometimes the best way to beat the heat is to escape from it. Colorado Springs typically only has days in the eighties for a couple of months, but they can feel like an eternity. If your home is starting to make you feel like summer is going to last forever, we have some great ideas to stay cool.


The city has several outdoor pools to choose from, with everything from a classic neighborhood pool with lap lanes to a recreation area complete with lazy rivers and slides. Several fitness centers and neighborhoods also have pools, although they may require memberships or that you be a homeowner in the subdivision.


Splash pads and fountains are a great way for kiddos to cool off and have fun in the summertime. There are two downtown that operate during the summer, Uncle Wilbur’s Fountain in Acacia Park and the Julie Penrose fountain in America the Beautiful Park. First and Main, on North Powers has a fountain that also happens to be serendipitously close to an ice creamery- a guarantee to keep kids cool. Fountain’s Aga Park is a huge 4000 square foot park with areas for all ages to cool off, and is open all summer.


Splashing in a pool or a fountain is not always an option, and this where patios can be a nice respite. Restaurants and public areas all over town have patios. Throw in happy hour specials, a big glass of iced tea, huge overhead fans, and the occasional mister, and patios can be a grownup way to beat the heat without getting soaked.


Colorado Springs has several wonderful museums, which can be interesting and educational places to escape the heat. The ProRodeo Hall of Fame is the only center dedicated to professional rodeo, and the Colorado Springs Pioneer Museum will teach your kiddos local lore while staying out of the sun. Whether you want to see Dale Chihuly glass at the Fine Art Center or teach your children about money at the Money Museum, there are several hidden gems to escape to in the summertime.


An escape that dates back to even our grandparent’s days, movies are a wonderful summertime retreat. Matinees can be found at every movie theater in town, and a discount movie theater in town won’t make you break the bank to entertain the kids. Add an ice cold soda into the mix, sit back, and enjoy the cool movie time.

Ice Cold Treats

When the sun is blazing and the temperatures are rising, frozen treats can make everyone happy. Colorado Springs has a plethora of delicious choices. Frozen yogurt spots can be found throughout town. A handful of ice cream shops make their own treats from scratch, and nothing can make one forget sweltering heat like a double dip hot fudge sundae with homemade ice cream.


It may seem counterintuitive to go outside to escape the heat, but sometimes that is the best way to stay cool. Set up a hammock. Find a grove of trees for a picnic. Go on a hike to a waterfall hidden amongst the pines. Take a stroll through a city park canopied with century old trees. Set up a tent and sleep outside. These are all ways to both make the most of the summertime and escape it.

Remember, our heat sticks around for a brief time. Many ways exist to stay safe and cool in the summertime, many without ever leaving the city. Have a great time discovering your own respites from the summer heat!

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