How Energy Assessments Work

Colorado Energy Audits
 An energy audit is the first step toward significant savings on your utility bill. Whether you’re hoping to take advantage of the Energy Resource Center’s free services for low- and middle-income residents in El Paso, Elbert, Douglas, Fremont and Teller counties or you want to pay it forward with a pay-for-service evaluation, our system always begins with an energy audit.

That might sound a bit intimidating. The word audit for most people doesn’t sound pleasant. But an energy audit is an evaluation of your home to identify places where small improvements could make a big difference to your house’s efficiency and your expenses.

Who does it?

The Energy Resource Center’s experienced auditor will evaluate your home. He is usually just one person who takes measurements all over your home and knows what to look for.

How long does it take?

An energy audit usually only takes an hour or two to complete. Sometimes our pay-for-service clients with larger homes or businesses will take longer.

What does the auditor do?

The energy auditor will use measuring tools to check the efficiency of your furnace, water heater and other appliances. He will crawl through your attic and crawl space if possible to check the thickness of your insulation and look for areas where warm air might leak out of your home in the winter. He will also check the insulation in your walls, look for drafty spots and measure carbon monoxide levels.

What happens after the auditor leaves?

Once the energy auditor leaves your home with all of his measurements, he comes back to the Energy Resource Center and uses some advanced computer software to calculate the improvements we can make to your home that will result in the biggest energy savings. If you are income-qualified and live in one of the five Colorado counties we service, the Energy Resource Center will make free home improvements to your house that could reduce your utility bill by 40 percent.

If you’re paying for service, the Energy Resource Center will present you with a detailed menu of improvements, their cost, how much they will save you on your utility bill and the amount of time it will take for the improvements to pay for themselves.

If you would like an energy audit or to learn more about how to stay safe and warm in your Colorado home without going broke paying your utility bill, contact the Energy Resource Center today. 

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