Give! 2015 is Officially Underway!

Indy Give ERC

Indy Give ERC This are so many special things about this time of year: the holidays, quality time with friends and family, and of course, the warm fuzzies you get from supporting area nonprofits through Indy Give!

What is Indy Give?

Give! is an annual fundraising event created by the Colorado Springs Independent in partnership with the Pikes Peak Community Foundation. This city-wide multimedia campaign helps nonprofits in the Pikes Peak region raise money and awareness for their causes.

Why donate through Give! instead of directly?

Nonprofits participating in Indy Give! work hard to get big matching grants from regular supporters. When you donate to us through Indy Give!, you’re helping us earn those additional grants.

We can earn additional grants and awards from Indy Give! based on how many supporters we have and how much we raise from our fans. This year, the ERC has received commitments for matching grants from our generous friends at Shakeshaft Law Firm and Colorado Springs Bank & Trust.

How can I Give! to the Energy Resource Center?

Donating via Indy Give! is simple. Just visit ERC’s profile page on the Indy Give! site, and enter the amount you’d like to give. When you contribute to the ERC, 96% of your donation goes directly to funding our non-profit efforts, so you can rest assured every dime of your gift will be used for good.

Earn awesome rewards when you Give!

Most of us know that it’s better to give than receive, but it’s hard to beat giving and receiving! Six reward levels honor the generosity of givers with a wide array of goodies like free food and drink from local breweries and restaurants, complimentary goods and services from area businesses, and tickets to special events and concerts. Find the full list of rewards and the kindhearted businesses providing them here.

Why support the ERC?

No one should have to choose between keeping their family warm or putting food on the table. But, a frigid Colorado winter is almost upon us, and too many local families are struggling to make ends meet.

The Energy Resource Center helps income-qualified families maintain a safe and healthy quality of life by making critical energy efficiency improvements to their homes. These free services also significantly reduce utility bills, leaving more money at the end of the month for medicine, food and other vital living expenses.

Start the holidays off right – get into the spirit and make a gift to the ERC today!