The ERC Now Serves the San Luis Valley

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The Energy Resource Center is happy to have the San Luis Valley (SLV) under its wing again. We can now help residents of Alamosa, Conejos, Costilla, Mineral, Saguache and Rio Grande counties permanently reduce their utility bills and make their homes safer and more comfortable. 

alamosa san louis valleyThe Energy Resource Center makes SLV homes more efficient

When residents of the San Luis Valley have trouble paying their utility bills and need help, the Energy Resource Center doesn’t just assist with a bill here or a bill there. We work with homeowners, and even renters sometimes, to make the physical home improvements that will permanently reduce utility bills.

The ERC helps for free

We do not charge the income-qualified San Luis Valley families who need our help. We conduct a complete energy audit to see where we can make improvements that will save energy and make homes more comfortable.

What the ERC does

After a complete energy audit, we dispatch teams of contractors to add insulation to homes, seal up air leaks, fix dripping faucets and repair furnaces, among many other things that add to the efficiency and comfort of a home. We do all of this at no charge to our income-qualified clients.

After ERC makes energy efficiency improvements, residents typically save at least 20 percent on their utility bills.

How it works

In order to receive free assistance from the ERC, you will need to apply for help and qualify according to income guidelines. Contact our office for more information.

Be patient

We have a strong presence in the San Luis Valley and work hard to make significant energy improvements for everyone who needs our help. Unfortunately, we’re still building our team in SLV and frequently have a wait list. Please don’t be discouraged if we can’t get to your house right away. We will make a big difference once we arrive.


Of course, if you have an energy emergency, the ERC will do our best to help you immediately. If your furnace goes out in the frozen heart of winter or you have carbon monoxide issues, the ERC will do everything possible to help you get back into your home and stay comfortable — usually while reducing your utility bills. 

ERC back in the San Luis Valley

The Energy Resource Center is so glad to be back in the SLV! If you live in the area and have questions, feel free to stop by our Alamosa office or call anytime.


Our Loveland office has moved! If you are in the Weld, Boulder, Larimer country service area please contact our Sterling office at 970-463-7020 or email