ERC Helped Give Away 400 Carbon Monoxide Detectors In 2013

The Energy Resource Center helped to spearhead a Carbon Monoxide Task Force in early 2013 with the goal of increasing education about the poisonous gas and helping get CO detectors into more Pikes Peak Region homes. More than 20 organizations banded together with the ERC. In the task force’s first year, the ERC helped give away 400 carbon monoxide detectors.

Not only can CO poisoning happen, it has

The Energy Resource Center was inspired to work with the carbon monoxide task force after tragedy struck in late 2012. The Colorado Springs Fire Department responded to an apartment building where CO alarms were going off and a resident reported feeling ill.

One man in the apartment building was dead before emergency responders arrived. Another was hospitalized in critical condition and nine families were evacuated.

CO poisoning is common and dangerous

Carbon monoxide is a colorless and odorless gas that’s responsible for more poison-related deaths in the United States every year than any other substance. CO issues are not at all uncommon.

Colorado Springs Utilities reported that it responded to 1,800 carbon monoxide calls in 2011. That’s almost five a day every day of the year.

CO alarms are life savers

Carbon monoxide alarms alert inhabitants when CO reaches dangerous levels in their homes. Because the gas is colorless and odorless, detectors and alarms are the only good way to protect residents in a home or commercial building.

CO outreach

COPE organizations worked to make CO detectors available for free to those who needed them throughout 2013. The Energy Resource Center helped to give away 400 CO detectors to families throughout the Pikes Peak Region and partnered with other organizations that created information campaigns, including a billboard in Lamar.

The ERC and CO detectors

The Energy Resource Center is dedicated to helping Southern Colorado families keep their homes safe and comfortable. 

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