Denver Energy Assistance Programs


denver-energy-assistance-programsThere are several programs and nonprofits that help Denver-area families afford their utility bills. Turn to these resources if you have trouble keeping your home comfortable and safe in the winter or the summer.

Energy Resource Center

The ERC doesn’t help you pay your utility bill – we help you permanently reduce your energy consumption and lower your bills while making your home fundamentally safer and more comfortable to live in.

The Energy Resource Center makes permanent energy efficiency upgrades free of charge for income-qualified renters and homeowners in the Denver area. From new insulation to repairing cracks and installing state-of-the-art carbon monoxide detectors, the ERC does work that adds value to your home while reducing utility bills.


The Low-Income Energy Assistance Program is federally funded and managed by the Colorado Department of Human Services. LEAP funds can offset utility bill increases in the winter when the cost to heat homes causes utilities to skyrocket for many Denver families.

The program helps to cover bills between Nov. 1 and Aril 1 and is open to anyone with an income lower than 150 percent of the federal poverty index. For a family of four, the maximum monthly income is $2,982.

Denver Department of Human Services

You can contact the DHS for help paying your utility bills or getting your furnace or air conditioner repaired during the summer when LEAP assistance is not available.

Denver DHS provides up to $200 to help low-income residents pay their utility bills during the hottest months of the year and up to $1,000 to repair a furnace or air conditioner. The income limit is much higher for this program than it is for LEAP.

Catholic Charities

Denver Catholic Charities provides emergency assistance to low-income families. The organization’s mission is to prevent homelessness, something that can happen quickly when utilities turn off because of unpaid bills. The organization helps hundreds of people in Denver pay their utility bills every year.

Other assistance

There are other programs that could help you pay your utility bill. Contact Xcel Energy or the Denver Department of Human Services for more information about getting assistance.

For the long-term

Contact the Energy Resource Center for a long-term solution to unmanageable utility bills. Our free assistance will permanently reduce your energy costs.

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