Colorado and Zero Emission Vehicles

The State of Colorado recently made a deal with major automakers regarding zero-emission vehicle (ZEV) requirements in the state. Colorado will adopt California’s plan starting in model year 2023.

The state-federal battle over efficiency and emission standards continues apace, with court cases coming in the near future about how much autonomy states can have – and how much control the federal level can exert – on standards and regulation.

Here on the ground, Colorado Springs Utilities has an excellent library of information about electric vehicles, including costs, home considerations, and how to find charging stations. Electric vehicles aren’t just a contentious political issue; they serve as interesting technological objects in and of themselves and are evolving at an ever-increasing rate as they begin to reach larger rates of adoption. 

See Colorado Springs Utilities’ brochure about electric vehicles here

There’s an excellent article here from the Colorado Sun, breaking down the 8-1 vote from Colorado’s Air Quality Control Commission.


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