Which States Consume the Most Water?

Water usage around country

Water seems like a limitless resource because it is so readily available. We can fill pools, run bathtubs, take long showers, and turn taps on and off all day long. Just because water appears to flow freely from our taps and faucets doesn’t mean that there is an unending supply of it.

How to Prepare Your Colorado Yard for Spring


It’s spring and the first bright green blades of grass are poking through the earth. It’s time to begin thinking about how you’ll take care of those lawns without draining your wallet on the water bill. Lawn maintenance has become increasingly challenging in Colorado over recent years. Extended drought and growing population has meant water rates are on the rise and we’ve even had watering restrictions in some Colorado counties the last few summers.

Why Autumn Is a Great Time of Year for Xeriscaping

Yes, the summer is nearly over and the kids have gone back to school, but it’s not too late to xeriscape your yard. The fall can be a fantastic time to plant, especially when you’re working with perennials that won’t need a lot of water.