Weatherizing your Home for Colorado Winters

Winterize Colorado Home

Colorado is known for her harsh winters. Sub-zero temperatures, sheets of ice, and several feet of snow can be the norm from October until April. This Colorado weather can become prohibitively expensive for many families as they try to stay safe and warm in their homes. Taking several steps in and around a home can help you stay warm and save money.

Is the House Warm Enough for My Baby?

Is home warm enough for baby

Pediatricians, and probably your mother, will tell you that if you need a coat, the baby does too. If you’re hot, the baby’s also probably hot. That makes perfect sense. They are just tiny little people who are supposed to have the same 98.6-degree core temperature as us bigger versions. But there’s a little more to it than that.

Keep Your House Warm Through the Cold San Luis Winter

Cold Winters San Luis Valley

Because the San Luis Valley is the agricultural heart of Colorado, a lot of people tend to think it’s warmer here than it is in other parts of the state. But the truth is that it’s even colder in this high-altitude desert than in most places along the Front Range.

Five Fireplace Safety and Efficiency Tips You Don’t Want to Skip


A wood fire can be romantic, cozy and a great way to cut back on heating expenses if you have a good, affordable source of quality dried hardwoods to burn. However, using a traditional fireplace or wood burning stove to heat your home requires a little extra caution and preparation than changing the furnace filter and flipping the switch.

Five Things You Can Do to Prepare Your Colorado Home for Winter


Winter in Colorado is not as cold and snowy as people outside the state think it is, but it still gets cold and we usually have a couple really frigid weeks that will be unbearable if your home isn’t equipped to protect you from the elements. Worse, a really cold winter might not just be uncomfortable if your house isn’t prepared; it could be downright dangerous. The Energy Resource Center helps income-qualified families in Southern Colorado assess their home’s energy efficiency and identify ways to make their houses warmer and safer. Contact the ERC for help.

Are You Prepared for a Blackout?


The electricity in Southern Colorado is particularly dependable. It rarely goes out and when it does, it’s often just long enough to require you to reset your clocks. But, disasters happen — as we have seen first hand in Southern Colorado the last two years — and everyone should be prepared for a prolonged power outage.  The Energy Resource Center has a few tips to help you prepare for a blackout.

Six Great DIY Home Weatherization Tips

It’s the end of summer and the air is still warm. It may be hard to think about the incoming winter weather when Colorado residents can still go hiking in a pair of shorts and a T-shirt, but now is the time to start weatherizing your home. Putting in the time for energy-efficient weatherization improvements now can save your family time and money once the cold weather begins. Here are six great tips for home weatherization improvements you can make on your own that won’t break the bank.