Energy Burdens Across the United States

High Energy Burdens are a Factor for Many Families The American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy (ACEEE) released a new report this week looking at how…

Save Money With Home Weatherization

winter weatherization of home

This is the time of year that bitter temperatures outside can cause sky-high utility bills inside. Weatherization is the process of making your home more impervious to cold temperatures, wind, and winter weather. The Energy Resource Center has been providing weatherization services to Coloradans since 1979, and offers free energy audits for income-qualified residents, saving them considerable cash on their utility bills over the course of several winters.

Understanding the Impact of El Nino

What is El Nino

El Nino is a term that we hear and read, but it has little meaning to most people. Weather forecasts mention El Nino, and it may occasionally make an appearance in a headline, but the phenomenon remains largely a mystery. El Nino actually matters on an everyday basis, and knowing a few facts will make it much less mysterious.

DIY Colorado Winter Auto Safety Kit

winter auto kit

Driving in winter conditions is part of living in Colorado. Adjusting to icy roads, other drivers, and limited visibility matters, since severe weather can happen from October until well into April. Along with careful driving, making sure that you have a proper winter preparedness kit in your car can help keep you safe.

What You Need to Know About Insulation to Reduce Utility Bills

importance of home insulation

Our third major cold front just hit the Front Range. Temperatures dipped slightly below freezing and many snowflakes fell. This short spell serves as a great reminder to prepare for the coming winter. Preparing your home will keep you warm, and hopefully save you money. Insulation is an important part of the preparation of your home, and we have a few facts about insulation to help you understand its importance.