Are Your Utility Rates Increasing?

Man walking through snowstorm

In mid-February, a record-breaking storm passed through the United States. The national news focused on Texas where simultaneous demand spikes and outages led to a surge…

Health and Safety in Your Home

We believe that every family deserves to live in a safe and healthy home. Home safety is one of our priorities. It directly affects the health…

11 Simple Ways to Save Energy in Your Home

home energy efficiency

Saving energy in 2016 is a great idea. Starting off the year with an idea that can both save money for your family and be good for the environment is a win for everyone. We have several ideas how you can start the year off right by conserving energy.

What You Need to Know About Insulation to Reduce Utility Bills

importance of home insulation

Our third major cold front just hit the Front Range. Temperatures dipped slightly below freezing and many snowflakes fell. This short spell serves as a great reminder to prepare for the coming winter. Preparing your home will keep you warm, and hopefully save you money. Insulation is an important part of the preparation of your home, and we have a few facts about insulation to help you understand its importance.

Weatherizing your Home for Colorado Winters

Winterize Colorado Home

Colorado is known for her harsh winters. Sub-zero temperatures, sheets of ice, and several feet of snow can be the norm from October until April. This Colorado weather can become prohibitively expensive for many families as they try to stay safe and warm in their homes. Taking several steps in and around a home can help you stay warm and save money.

How Home Energy Audits Save You Money

energy audit leaky faucet

Winters in Colorado may seem far away, but colder weather is just around the corner. With another bitter winter being predicted for 2015, be smart and make sure that your home is as energy-efficient as possible. Weatherizing your home can make your winter much more pleasant and save you money in the process.

Program Your Thermostat to Save Money

programmable thermostat

Have you heard that it costs more to reheat your home after you let it get cold than it would to just keep the heat going full blast all day? Well, you can let whoever told you that know he is wrong. Reducing the heat while you’re away or sleeping is actually one of the most economical things you can possibly do. Turning your thermostat down 10 to 15 degrees for eight hours a day will save you 5 to 15 percent on your natural gas bill, according to the Department of Energy.

Is the House Warm Enough for My Baby?

Is home warm enough for baby

Pediatricians, and probably your mother, will tell you that if you need a coat, the baby does too. If you’re hot, the baby’s also probably hot. That makes perfect sense. They are just tiny little people who are supposed to have the same 98.6-degree core temperature as us bigger versions. But there’s a little more to it than that.

Are Space Heaters Dangerous Or Expensive To Operate?


A modern electric space heater is a great way to warm a small space without having to crank the heat up in the whole house. Space heaters are extremely useful and convenient, and when they’re used right, they can be cost savers and can make your home more comfortable and safer.