The Basics on Energy Star Ratings

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and U.S. Department of Energy began the Energy Star program to endorse and easily communicate with consumers about energy standards…

Energy Burdens Across the United States

High Energy Burdens are a Factor for Many Families The American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy (ACEEE) released a new report this week looking at how…

Solar Panel Efficiency

Solar cells have historically had an efficiency problem, with less than 30% of the energy in sunlight being converted into electricity. A group of chemists at…

Summertime Savings on Utilities

tips for saving on utilities bills during summer

Summertime utility bills can sneak up on you, surprising you as you try to keep cool in the hot months. As you try to economically avoid the heat, keep these helpful and easy ideas in mind.

8 Great Reasons to Conserve in the New Year

reasons to conserve in your home this year

Conserving energy in your home is a win for everyone. Conservation saves money for you and your family, money that you can save or spend on something important. Conservation is great for the environment, and every person that makes it a priority helps to shape the future. We can break these powerful facts down, so that you know 8 concrete reasons that conserving is a great idea for the coming year.

11 Simple Ways to Save Energy in Your Home

home energy efficiency

Saving energy in 2016 is a great idea. Starting off the year with an idea that can both save money for your family and be good for the environment is a win for everyone. We have several ideas how you can start the year off right by conserving energy.

Save Money With Home Weatherization

winter weatherization of home

This is the time of year that bitter temperatures outside can cause sky-high utility bills inside. Weatherization is the process of making your home more impervious to cold temperatures, wind, and winter weather. The Energy Resource Center has been providing weatherization services to Coloradans since 1979, and offers free energy audits for income-qualified residents, saving them considerable cash on their utility bills over the course of several winters.

Weatherizing your Home for Colorado Winters

Winterize Colorado Home

Colorado is known for her harsh winters. Sub-zero temperatures, sheets of ice, and several feet of snow can be the norm from October until April. This Colorado weather can become prohibitively expensive for many families as they try to stay safe and warm in their homes. Taking several steps in and around a home can help you stay warm and save money.

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