6 Amazing and Shocking Facts About Energy Usage

truth about energy statistics

Did you know, even with all of the recent interest in wind power and solar power, that over 80% of energy in most American homes still comes from fossil fuels? When we flip a switch to turn on a light, it is easy to forget that the electricity we use often comes from a fossil fuel like coal. There are many facts about energy that are surprising, things that most people do not know.

How to Decide if You Need a Home Energy Audit

Home Energy Audit

Do you find yourself shaking your head as you pay bills every month? Does a continual increase in your energy bill cause you stress? Do you find yourself wondering how to keep your home comfortable without going broke in the process? A home energy audit might be exactly what you need, both to rein in utility costs and to make your home more safe and comfortable.

Save Money With Home Weatherization

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This is the time of year that bitter temperatures outside can cause sky-high utility bills inside. Weatherization is the process of making your home more impervious to cold temperatures, wind, and winter weather. The Energy Resource Center has been providing weatherization services to Coloradans since 1979, and offers free energy audits for income-qualified residents, saving them considerable cash on their utility bills over the course of several winters.

The 25-Point DIY Energy Conservation Checklist

Do these 25 things to save energy at home

Sometimes, a handful of small changes add up to a much bigger change. With the flick of a switch or a simple update, you can conserve energy and save money in meaningful ways that will add up! We have 25 ideas, large and small, that can help make a difference.

Do Energy Efficient Appliances Cost More?

Cost Savings on Energy Star Certified Appliances

When you walk into a large home improvement store you will see dozens of models of appliances lined up. As you browse among the choices, you may think that energy efficient products are prohibitively expensive to purchase. But a price tag on the front of an appliance at a home improvement store doesn’t always tell the whole story about cost. Knowing a few key facts can help you decide the true cost of a conventional appliance compared to an energy efficient model.

Energy Smart Checklist for the Home

checklist for energy smart home

The word energy conjures up all sorts of images for everyone. The truest and simplest definition of energy is simply the “power derived from the utilization of resources to provide light or heat.” Energy is what we need throughout our day, whether it is to provide light in a dark room or make a car move forward. When we simplify what energy actually is, it becomes easier to think about conserving it in our daily lives. A handy checklist below may help you get started on the road to being more energy-efficient, both in big and in small ways.

How Home Energy Audits Save You Money

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Winters in Colorado may seem far away, but colder weather is just around the corner. With another bitter winter being predicted for 2015, be smart and make sure that your home is as energy-efficient as possible. Weatherizing your home can make your winter much more pleasant and save you money in the process.

4 Reasons to Hire the ERC for an Energy Efficiency Assessment

The Energy Resource Center is now offering its energy efficiency expertise to everyone. Even if you don’t income qualify, you can hire the ERC to conduct an energy audit at your home or business and make the upgrades that will save you the most on your utility bills. The best part – the fees you pay go to help us make energy improvements for income-qualified families who depend on our services to keep their homes comfortable, safe and affordable. If you have wondered if there were ways you could save on your utility bill, we have a few reasons you should call the ERC.

San Luis Valley Electric Co-Op Energy Assistance Programs


Utility bills – especially in the winter when heating costs climb – add a tremendous expense for many San Luis Valley residents. Because the utility is community owned and run, it works hard to make electricity and heat affordable to everyone.

The ERC in Colorado Springs and Beyond


The Energy Resource Center is a nonprofit headquartered in Colorado Springs. We’re dedicated to making homes safer, more comfortable and more affordable for Colorado families. Those efforts start right here in Colorado Springs, where our teams of experts perform home energy efficiency audits and work with volunteers and donated resources to make actual physical improvements to homes.