An Energy Assessment From The ERC Saves Energy, Saves Money, and Helps Families

Colorado Energy Audits

Energy efficiency and energy savings have become big buzz words lately. Businesses are touting their greenness and using it as a marketing tool. All the while, they’re saving money on their utility bills. It’s astounding sometimes to hear about the hundreds of thousands and even millions of dollars that environmentally-responsible corporations are saving on their energy bills.

What the ERC is doing

The Energy Resource Center, which has provided free energy audits and improvements to income-qualified residents of Elbert, El Paso, Douglas, Fremont and Teller counties since 1979, announced a new fee for service program in 2012.

Since we have a skilled team of professionals who know exactly what to look for and how to properly measure energy efficiency and analyze opportunities for savings, we decided to offer those services to the greater public.

Even if you are not income-qualified, you can now hire our team to assess your home or business.

What the ERC offers to paying clients

The ERC can send an auditor to evaluate your home or business and come back to you with a detailed list of recommended improvements, their costs, how much they will save you and how long it will take for the savings to equal the investment.

From there, you can decide if you want to hire the ERC’s skilled contractors to make some of the recommended improvements. Our contractors are experienced at making energy improvements.

Paying it forward

The fees you pay are reasonable and they help to fund the ERC’s greater mission of assisting low- and middle-income families make home improvements that will keep them warm and safe through Colorado winters while reducing their utility bills.

Contact the Energy Resource Center if you would like to know more about our fee for service program and how you can take advantage of our expertise even if you are not income-qualified.

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