4 Reasons to Hire the ERC for an Energy Efficiency Assessment

paid-services-4-reasons-to-hireThe Energy Resource Center is now offering its energy efficiency expertise to everyone. Even if you don’t income qualify, you can hire the ERC to conduct an energy audit at your home or business and make the upgrades that will save you the most on your utility bills.

The best part – the fees you pay go to help us make energy improvements for income-qualified families who depend on our services to keep their homes comfortable, safe and affordable.

If you have wondered if there were ways you could save on your utility bill, we have a few reasons you should call the ERC.

  1. We’re experts
    The Energy Resource Center has been evaluating Colorado homes for energy efficiency since 1979. We’ve helped hundreds of low- and moderate-income Colorado families make permanent energy efficiency improvements that will reduce their utility bills forever.
  2. Investing in energy savings saves you money.  
    The ERC charges a fair and competitive price for our energy efficiency services to paying customers – and it’s money well spent. When you invest in energy efficiency improvements with us, you’re likely to save 20 to 40 percent on your utility bills.
  3. Your savings is an investment in the community.
    When you choose ERC for your energy efficiency evaluation and upgrades, the fees you pay go directly toward helping a family that can’t afford the home improvements. By investing in your home or business through ERC, you’re also investing in the community.
  4. Energy upgrades are good for quality of life.
    When you make your home more energy efficient, you also make it more comfortable, safer and healthier. Clean ventilation isn’t just more efficient, it also makes the air you breathe healthier. Upgraded appliances are less likely to spark fires or leak carbon monoxide. And the money you save on your utility bill can pay for fun activities that keep you excited about life.

Hire ERC for your energy evaluation

If you have ever wondered how efficient your home is or what the return on investment would be on certain upgrades, contact the ERC. We will send an expert auditor to your home or business to let you know where you’re losing energy and how you can save it.

Of course, if you want to add a little onto your bill, we’re always happy to receive donations to support our mission to permanently reduce utility bills for those in financial need.

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